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Welcome to Tolland Intermediate School
About Us

Established in 2008, Tolland Intermediate School offers a grades 3-5 education to students of diverse cultures. We emphasizes the social, emotional, physical, intellectual development of each child and strive to instill high standards for academic integrity, and leadership in our students. Through our programs, students are given the technology, skills and knowledge to be effective members of our school community and a global society.

Our campus includes state-of-the-art, student-friendly technology, and a great faculty of ambitious teachers ready to give Tolland Intermediate School the best school experience.

At Tolland Intermediate School, we strive to create a school community in which all students feel a strong sense of belongingness and involvement. Our ultimate goal is for every student to walk through our front doors and feel as if T.I.S. is their home away from home. 

James Dineen, Principal
Jonathan Cop, Assistant Principal

School Hours: 
Full Day:  8:50 a.m.-3:20 p.m.
Early Release Days:  8:50 a.m.-12:45 p.m

Upcoming Events


Blue and White Spirit Day at T.I.S.

This Friday we will hold a special UCONN Blue and White Spirit Day. All students and staff are encouraged to wear blue and white to show support for the UCONN woman’s basketball team!

Snowcreature Feature 

Voting for our annual Snowcreature Feature will be held on Friday, 3/25. For this school spirit event each homeroom was charged with designing and decorating a paper snow creature to be hung outside their door.  Each homeroom was responsible for choosing a theme for their creature. This year's creatures are some of our most creative.  Stay tuned for the announcement of this year's winner. 

The Parent Portal is now open.

SBAC Testing 

Each student will be administered a total of three SBAC tests. Fifth grade students will also be administered the CMT Science test. All students will take only one test during each of the following weeks:

Fifth grade students will test the weeks of: 3/27, 4/5, 4/27 & 5/11
Fourth grade students will test the weeks of: 4/31,4/24 & 5/8 
Third grade students will test the weeks of: 4/18,5/3 & 5/17

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