Useful Website Links
Here are some useful websites that I use in the classroom.  These sites offer you resources to help your child practice or enrich the skills they will be learning this year.   An excellent site for practicing math facts and other math skills.  Worksheets and answer keys can be printed out for free.   A great site that I use frequently in our classroom for grade appropriate, leveled reading selections and comprehension worksheets.  You can create a student account for your child and select texts by genre, skill level, or readability. Answer keys are available.  A site for electronic texts.  You child has a free membership for in school up until 3:00 P.M. But to read at home after school hours, parents must create an account for their child.
  A useful site that I use regularly for math practice worksheets.  The site also offers reading practice selections and comprehension worksheets for multiple grade and skill levels.  Worksheets & answer keys are free and can be printed out.
  A fantastic site I use often which is  full of different math topics and worksheets that cover multiple grade/ability levels based on state and federal core standards.  Each sheet includes an answer key so you can check your student's work. Great for review, enrichment, or extra practice.
  A very kid friendly site for doing research and getting images.  You can access the site or you can pay for a subscription.  Great for research projects.