When does my child have library?
When Does My Child Have Library? 2023 ~ 2024
This rotating schedule is a little CONFUSING!

Students have a Unified Art class every day, often called a "special". TIS rotates these specials on a five day rotation in grades 3 and 4 this year. Grade 5 has a six day rotation. The rotation is day 1, day 2, day 3, and so on. TIS DOES NOT rotate Monday - Friday. So your child could have library as a special on DAY 1 (which could be on any day of the week).  Knowing what "Day" it is will be important as students need their library books on their library day, art supplies on art day, and so on.  Below is a list of teachers and what day their class has library:
DAY 1:Kirk, Fitzgerald, Arner, Zangerl
DAY 2: Bockus, Dempsey, Dudas, Biddle
DAY 3: Sheridan, Babiec, Zevallos, Grabowski
DAY 4: Slayton, LeBlanc, Williams, Dalrymple
DAY 5: Hurley, Wunsch, Stern, Yaglowski 
DAY 6: Catlin