Mrs. Kimberly Cyr

Welcome to room 121!
Mrs. Kimberly Cyr
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  • Snack: We will have a “working snack” every morning. Please send in a small, nutritious NUT FREE snack every day. Students may bring in water bottles as well. Please label bottles with your child’s name. Third graders have lunch at 1:05.

  • Supplies: Your child will require the supplies on the supply list. Supplies may need to be replaced or replenished throughout the year.

  • Lockers: Third graders love having lockers! Students may bring in items to decorate their locker, HOWEVER, if the decorations become a distraction, students will be asked to take items home. Please note that the lockers in third grade do not have locks, so items in lockers are not secure.

  • Toys, Stuffed Animals, and Electronics: Please have your child keep these items at home. Please do not allow your child to bring these items to school. They can be a distraction to learning!

  • Homework will be assigned regularly Monday through Thursday. Third graders are expected to read 20 minutes per night. Additionally, a math worksheet to reinforce concepts taught in class will be sent home. In order to keep you aware of assignments, students will record homework in their agendas. Please initial the agendas every night. Occasionally, special projects will be assigned as homework. Please make every effort to have your child complete homework.

  • Unified Arts Schedule

3 Week Terms Cyr
Term 1 Sept 8-Sept 25 Library Lab
Term 2 Sept. 28-October 16 Art
Term 3 Oct. 19-Nov 6 Music Marchesani /Library Books
Term 4 Nov. 9-Dec 2 Keyboarding
Term 5 Dec 3- Dec 22 PE
Term 6 -Jan 4-Jan 22 Music Baker