Ms. Lisa Ballard

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Art Grades 3-5
Ms. Ballard
860-870-6885 ext. 40235
 rooms 235 and 236

Tolland Intermediate School
Art Program

          The Art Program at Tolland Intermediate School is based on the philosophy that learning in the arts is an experience that fosters observation of authentic connections between art and the world around us.  For young students, this involves making connections to what they may experience in the regular classroom, the community and their home environments. Art lessons frequently reinforce skills developed in other disciplines such as math, music, science and language arts as each class provides thought-provoking initiative discussion, production (lab) and closure.  While many beautiful products are often the result of this process and numerous displays of artwork add beauty to our surroundings, it is creative problem-solving that is the true work we do.

          Classes meet 50 minutes every 5 days throughout the school year.  Student projects are inspired by observation and discussion of samples of artwork from our extensive collection of reproductions.  Each grade level curriculum is designed to build upon previous experience, culminating in a fifth grade curriculum that is rich in vocabulary and detailed processes as students are challenged to apply acquired knowledge in the creation of complex works of art.  They leave TIS well-prepared for middle school art courses.

          Working with young art students is an exciting endeavor and it is our hope that the community of Tolland will continue to support expression through the arts as valid learning experiences, designed to enrich all our lives.