Thank You for Volunteering in our schools!

Please contact the fundraiser chairs or your school's VP for more information on how you can help!

PLEASE NOTE: In order to be a volunteer for Tolland Public Schools in any capacity (field trips, events, classroom, etc), please make sure to fill out the online volunteer form found here:…/superintende…/volunteer_form/. Approval can take up to 7 business days.

As a TEPTO volunteer, you are required to sign the “Visitor Sign-In”` Sheet at the front office.  Obtain a Visitors lanyard when you sign in. 

Birch Grove Copy Machines:  Directions to follow once new school has opened

TIS Copy Machines: There are 2 machines in the work room just off the front office. 
The copy machines may only be used after 8:50am.  (The time before school is reserved for teachers/staff to get copies made before class starts.)

Please always give teachers/staff first priority for the copy machines.

Upon approval, please use the PTO colored paper, which can be found in the labeled PTO cabinet in the back of the work rooms.

Only print copies for the school you are in.  We apologize for the inconvenience but this keeps the wear and tear on the machines even.

Once your copies are made, please give 4 copies to Pam Babey at TIS and a set of copies to the front office at Birch Grove for record keeping. Any extras can be placed in the paper tower in the front office.

The PTO has a binder at TIS where copies of all handouts are kept.  Please 3-hole punch a copy and put it in the binder under the front counter in the office 
PTO has a small bucket of office supplies at each school, in the cabinet where PTO paper is stored, for PTO specific projects, as needed.

If you will be using the laminator, it needs to be turned on 10 minutes prior to use so it can heat up accordingly. Please ensure it is turned off when you have completed your project.

Please turn cell phones onto vibrate so no one is disturbed.

Bathrooms for Birch Grove volunteers are located in the hallway next to the library and outside the work room.

Please keep all information that you come across when volunteering confidential. 

 We appreciate your time and help!!